Time Peace

by Spends Quality

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Time Peace is a perfect one-two punch from Northern Cali production savant Mr. Tay and West Coast wordsmith Spends Quality. The name reflects the optimism of a clock ticking towards a time of peace, both personally and globally, heralded by soulful beats and wise words. Sophisticated musicality and head nodding drum sounds frame artistic lyrical styles that are philosophical but never get too cerebral to funk up the party. Guest spots from advanced spitters Adam Fission, Miss Marianna and Brycon help Time Peace get the hands up like it's high noon.


released April 16, 2013

All songs written by Spencer Williams aka Spends Quality
All beats produced by Mr. Tay
Recorded, arranged and mixed by Spencer Williams
Mastered by Justin Weis at Trakworx
Photography by Jami Matlock
Graphic Design by Dustin Guinee


all rights reserved



Spends Quality Nevada City, California

Spends Quality is classic West Coast intelligent Hip Hop, raised on Golden Age sounds in the heart of the Golden State. An MC and Producer, Spends is a true believer in the truth that music and culture can convey. Known for smooth and precise wordplay over neck snapping beats with deep pockets, SQ mixes soulfulness with intellect in a golden pimp cup. ... more

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Track Name: Place to Be
Sonicbloom in the place to be
they call me mr. spends quality
and the CFO be a family
thats why we make this music so flawlessly

I got a beat that bumps, Mr. Tay Provided it
I catch a vibe with the rhyme and then I'm ridin it
I spends quality time with the pen and the pad
inspired by the funk when I'm up in the lab
inspired by the hustle when I'm out on the ave.
I'm puttin in work thats how I got what I have
I wouldn't trade it for nothing its worth more that
coulda bought my success but can't afford that
thats why I'm grinding in the studio more raps
more, beats, more recordings means more tracks
the more releases, more shows, means more stacks
more merchandise, stickers, hoodies and hats
ain't your average act though with the slack flow
I could flip it up quick or take it nice and slow
My parents taught me stay humble even when you know
your shits better than whats playin on the radio

I got my business plan...
do my independent thing so I could stick it to the man
...we taking this movement right back tot he land
do you got my back? yeah I'm askin you fam...
you know I got yours, yeah its part of the plan
reciprocate, yeah let me lend a hand
damn it feels good when you doing what you can
I got my swagger back let me rip the jam

whether with the DJ or Live Band... it don't matter
its the soul in the music and message that we speakin
weekday or weekend... it don't matter
cuz we bout to have a party have this whole crowd geekin

I'm in it for the pleasure not cuz it pays good
its hard to measure success if you aint happy dude
hella money all depressed with an attitude
I'd rather be broke and do what I wanna do
and thats why I'm here right now
nowhere that I'd rather be thankful for my lifestyle
....Got the studio at the house
stay fed, bills paid, thats what I'm talkin bout
Track Name: Midnight
it happens after midnite...
all around the world

When the clock struck 12 I was ready to go
casually late I stepped out the front door
bout to hit the spot crackin on the dance floor
sound selectah playin music for the soul
and so I made my way through crowd full of people
bodies were grindin yet time stood still
get healed by the energy, interact with the rhythym
translate the music do exactly what you feel
the beat pounds like your heart keep it pumpin
I freak sound this is art I'm into something
I seen her dippin up front she had no man
sensuously she danced to the slow jam
so I aproached her with a wink and a smile
and I offered my hand see if she'd like to dance a while
exchanged glances, matched rhythms
got a little closer lost inhibitions

human beings, feel the inspiration
look live, this is life, dedication
sometimes we party all night celebration
its gettin hot gon' need some ventilation
some room to breath, and to move your feet
and space to absorb the depth of the beats
the breadth of the bass and the crispy tweets
and a message of faith in the greatest beliefs
and nothing will change how music makes me feel
there's nothing in this life that's quite so real
its like a drug, brings out my inner freak
keep me up all night, no need for me to go to sleep
i've caught the bug, no need for a remedy
I'm stayin up all night, the vibes here are friendly
beautiful women, beautiful music
i couldn't ask for more its my life and I choose it

some people call it vampire, even restlessness
I call it dwelling with the stars and the moons bliss
living the dream while awake perfect like a kiss
from a queen that you've seen but you always miss
and she don't come around to often these days
when she does we stay up all night frolic and play
and uh, she ain't always feelin my vibe these days
i guess she's just sleepin, I've got nocturnal ways
and I'm, wide awake makin plans for the future
to carry out tommorow thats what man supposed to do
gotta, prepare yourself for the shifts about to happen
no more wasted time, enjoy it while we can
so I'm in the moment no matter the time a day it is
keep it spicy or life could be left flavorless
not burnin both ends I just keep the candle lit
so I could see where I'm goin and always handle it
Track Name: Time Peace
I'll take you that sacred place
just tryna give a lil taste
we ain't got time to waste
lets live it up just in case

its a spends quality time piece, put the mind at ease,
in this time to find peace all we gotta do is breath,
who knows how far we might reach if we just take heed,
pay attention to that inner voice i wish you godspeed homie.
got your back, heart upon my sleeve man you know me.
we're building something big here lets keep it going.
Don't question it, just trust fate, man you know you knowin,
it feels right don't it, ride the current keep on rowing
and when you reach the ocean, its a pure emotion,
this lifes a journey so we gotta just keep on coasting
focus on them good vibes make you feel you floating
make your moves from the heart we gotta keep em open
and don't stop lovin, don't stop smilin,
can't stop, won't stop, cuz I got that perfect timing
and thats why Im rhyming, sent to remind em
everything you need in life is right here for you to find em
this life's a treasure shinin bright like a perfect diamond
when you see the signs, read em they aint ever lyin
hopefully we find the meaning 'fore we end up dyin
if not I'll see you on the other side another time.

I'll take you that sacred place
just tryna give a lil taste
we ain't got time to waste
lets live it up just in case

happiness is bliss, aint nothing to do with ignorance
you can't buy it, its a state of mind heaven sent
but your environment might effect your healthiness
thats why people always tryin to get to better places yet
but.... the grass ain't greener on the other side
aint about the money, and it aint about the pride
its all about the journey, all about the ride. so
enjoy it while we in it, every minute, lovin my folks
...Im talkin more smiles, more jokes...
I'm talkin walkin more miles, more stoked
this life's a sponge gotta keep it nice and soaked
live it up with more style and more hope
change your perspective and everything is more dope
we all been stuck in fight or flight holdin on the rope
gotta let go let it flow ride the slope
let the current take you where you wanna go
the secret to life the moral of the story told
its not something that was ever meant to be sold
1983 vintage mint condition pure gold
gets better with age, aint nothing wrong with getting old

I'll take you that sacred place
just tryna give a lil taste
we ain't got time to waste
lets live it up just in case
Track Name: So Good To Me
that looks so good to me
that feels so good to me
that tastes so good to me
that sounds so good to me

Good intentions with everything you do
got my back through all the hard times help me get through
that feelin that I get when I'm next to you
got the sweetness of a peach let me get a better view
you more than look good to me,
I'm vibin with your intelect and your personality
spiritually connected but I feel your sexuality
we match in energy, you simply satisfy me
so fly with your style yet its casual
no need to try its in your blood yeah you have it girl
its all natural, I love to have you in my world
get to know you gradual, tell your mom I say word

That beat hits so hard it left a taste in my mouth
clear my throat get it off my chest, spit it out
its so good to be an MC without a doubt
I write songs not books, thats what I'm about
and hip-hops been good to me,
its my form of expression, and the life that I lead
I breath through mics over beats to get free
and to formulate my thoughts and to say what I need
and my styles so different than a lot of fools
I've heard a lot of styles gotta come original
and some cats they wanna tell you what you oughta do
but trust your heart just like your momma taught you to

its got the proper mount of spice, yeah you done it right
not too greasy nice and easy have another slice
with some beans and some greens and a side of rice
naw I mean its like a dream you went to paradise
man... this cookings been good to me
need a digestif have some honey in your tea
got plenty in the cupboard if you still feelin hungry
I've got the itis dont laugh it aint funny
you know my style, I ate too fast now I'm hella full
taste so good I can't help it man I'm tellin you
Got desert up in the oven that I'm smellin too
and it smells so good to me you knowin what I'm bout to do

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